WEMLB WB-723 Setup (iOS & Android)

Basic Setting: This tutorial will walk you through the steps to set up your WB-723 Hidden camera. If you are facing any issue please  reach out our tech team by simply click on the left bottom corner.

Step 1:  Download the app

Open your mobile phone and search for “BVCAM” in Apple Store (For IOS User) or Google Play (For Android User). Download the app. (As shown in Picture 01)

Step 2:    Find the camera’s WiFi signal 

Turn on the camera (By Plugging the charger into an outlet) and open the wifi setting on your phone. Check the back of the camera to see the wifi name of the camera (Show as Picture 2). Go back to the Wi-Fi Setting. Select the camera’s wifi name to connect (Show as Picture 3)

Step 3:   Connect the Camera to your device – Point to Point

When you finish connecting the camera’s wifi signal, open the app (“BVCAM”) that you download on step 1. Wait until the Hidden camera wifi’s signal is shows on your phone. Then click  SEARCH ICON to search the camera and click the  camera (As shown in Picture 04, 05, 06)

Step 4:    Change the default password

After Step 3, click Online Camera (Show as Picture 7). You can skip it or change or set the password. If you choose to change the password, click “Change”. Then you can enter your new password and click “OK” to finish (As shown in Picture 08)

Step 5:    Connect the camera with Your home Wifi – Router Mode 

Click  SETTING ICON  to set the wifi connection (As shown in Picture 9). —> Click “Device Settings” (As shown in picture 10) —> Then click “WiFi Config”  (As shown in  Picture 11).

Then choose your home WiFi’s SSID (Name)  and enter the related password ( as shown in  Picture 12).

Then the camera will reboot and your device will be  connected to your home WiFi not to the Camera WiFi Signal and your camera will be still Online (As shown in picture 13). You can also disconnect the wifi and use your Cellular Signal to connect the Cam.

Please Note:  Most routers have 2.4G and 5G wifi to select. THIS CAMERA ONLY SUPPORTS 2.4G WIFI. Please select 2.4G wifi to connect. And during the setup, your phone need connect the same wifi as the camera.

Step 6:   Check Live Video

After Step 5, it shows as Picture 14. You can click the Cam to see the Live Video (Show as Picture 15).  When you click the video, it shows as Picture 16.

 Step 7:  

You can click  CAMERA ICON to take a photo and  VIDEO ICON to record.  Click the  1080P  to change the resolution (Show as Picture 16). When you finish taking a photo and recording a video, you can see the image and play the video on the app. Click “Snapshot” to see the images. Click “Record” to see the videos (Show as Picture 17)

Congratulations!  You just make the Camera ’ALIVE’!    Now it’s time to discover more advanced functions of the camera

Motion Detection Setting

Step 1:    Click  SETTING ICON  (Show as Picture 18) and then click  “Device Settings” (Show as Picture 19) to enter the setting interface (Show as Picture 20).

Step 2:    Enter the “Device Settings” interface, click “Alarm Config” then it shows like Picture 21. Click “Motion detection sensitivity” to select the sensitivity you prefer (Show as Picture 22). Turn on “Push Notification” and “On-Screen Display” (Show as Picture 23), then you can receive the image notification. You can Click  ALARM ICON  to see the image (Show as Picture 23).

Other Functions

There are many other setting functions except ”Alarm Config” and “Email Config” (Show as Picture 26,27 )

WiFi Config

You can change the network you want to connect. (Show as Picture 28)

IR-LED Config

You can control the settings of the LED on this interface. There are three options, which are Close, Auto, and Schedule. Choose one option based on your requirements. (Show as Picture 29)

SD Card Record Config

You can change the SD Card Record Settings on this interface. (Show as Picture 30, 31). Click “Ok” after you make changes of the setting.

The options you can choose for “Record” and “Resolution” are show as Picture 32 and 33.

Time Setting

Select the date, time mode, and time zone one by one or you can just click “Sync With App Time” (Show as Picture 34, 35)

Misc Settings

You can use this interface to make change of the Work LED. And the work mode of this LED are Off, On, and Flicker (Show as Picture 36, 37).

Change Password

You can set up new password on this interface (Show as Picture 38 ).

Device Reboot

You can reboot your camera by clicking it (Show as Picture 39)

Please feel free to contact us through support@wemlb.com. We will revert in 24 hours.

Hope you are enjoying our product and service!

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