Which security protocols are used on this camera?
1- To pair the camera to your or your network router, this camera does use WEP & WAP2
2- To transfer videos to your phone this hidden camera uses SECURE Real Time Transfer Protocol (SRTP)

Is this camera password protected?
YES. When you are setting up the camera, you will be asked to setup a protective password
In order to watch live video and do anything to the camera you need to provide this password

May non-allowed person have access to my camera?
NO, only people with who you share your password can access your camera.

Will my camera data transferred to a 3rd party server? 

NO. Your videos are password-protected, encrypted and shared only with people you give access to the camera.

Does the  application used to monitor this wemlb cameras  blocked by Google?

NO. In order to accept mail notification (only gmail supported now) you need to generate a 16 digit APP passcode from your google account? From the application, we use secure TLS protocol for the mail configuration.

You can watch the video to see how to set up protective password for your camera and also see how to use gmail with your WEMLB hidden camera


Data Security & Privacy

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