Camera Resetting

After resetting my camera, I get a wrong password error, what to do?

While setting up your camera for the first time, you probably change the default password. When you reset the camera, you should provide the default password which is: 8888if this still not work contact our technical team through live chat or mail us to

How do I reset my WB-723 Hidden charger camera?

To see how to reset your WB-237 Charger hidden camera, please click here to watch the reset video.

Camera Tuning

My camera Led light is ON, How can I turn it OFF?

Your camera can go completely discrete by turning OFF the LED Light. To see how to do this you can watch this tutorial video (Click Here to watch the video).

Network Connection

After setting up wifi connection, the hidden camera status stucks in “request service”, what is the issue?
If you are camera’s status is not “Online”, it is “request service” or “offline”, after setting attempting to connect it to WiFi, this issue depends on the below scenarios
Connecting to your Home’s WiFi
Most probably the issue is a wrong WiFi’s name or Password (this is true if you are using the camera at your home). In this case, you can simply reset the camera and set it up again.
Connecting to your Workplace’s WIFi
If you are using your workplace’s WiFi’s Connection, it may happen that your workplace IT & Network department block certain traffic (password can be wrong as well) and put restrictions on the network. If you are sure that you are using the right password, please see with your IT or network department team.
My camera connection is not stable, keep disconnected all the time, what may be the issue?

If you are monitoring your hidden camera from your phone via an internet connection, you need to have a good understanding of how network does work. Any internet connection issue will impact the connection between your phone’s BVCAM app and the camera itself. If there are some lags in the live videos, you may need to choose a different resolution.

In case you want to test whether a connection instability issue is due to the hidden camera or internet connection, you can switch to a faster network, or try to connect to your camera at a different time range. If for different networks you still have the same issue, please contact us our technical team at

The Camera’s own WiFi (SSID) signal is not shown up und er my phone’s setting > wifi list, what should I do?

In order to set up or connect to the hidden camera in P2P mode, you need to be able to see the camera’s SSID ( as per below picture)

under your smartphone/tablet setting. If you can’t no longer see this long code, you need to reset your camera.